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CP “Crazy Pooch” Web Creations: Web-development that will make your tail wag!

Neither crazy, nor all about dogs: CP Web Creations is the creative and technical team of Gil Merkle and Lori Merkle Ford; father and daughter; a pair of self-proclaimed computer junkies.

A bit about Gil
I am Gil—the father—the very level head. While flying jets and instructing others how to fly them in the United States Air Force and playing the guitar and singing; I was also learning everything about a technological explosion called “The Computer”. Ours’ was one of those homes with RadioShack TRS-80’s strewn about in bedrooms and closets and “DOS” was a commonly used term. For over 25 years, I was at the fore-front of creating internal, external and online networks, databases and websites in the financial services industries and the university educational environment. I am now a professor of Mathematics and Computer Science on the undergraduate level, as well as a website consultant, developer and maintainer for small business, non-profit and informational websites.

A bit about Lori
I am Lori—the daughter—the “ham” and the somewhat level head. I have spent years as a lyric soprano in the musical theatre and opera industries. I know, it doesn’t match at all, but do read on… It became clear to me that computers would be a large part of my life while trying to find ways to supplement a performer’s income in New York City. After climbing ladders and learning just about every software application known to man in the non-profit, investment and public relations industries, I was thrilled for the opportunity to become the technology coordinator for a private school on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I had the great joy of teaching 2nd through 8th grade youth about computers and technology as well as designing, building and networking their computer lab and working with teachers to create a curriculum integrating computers into each subject. After making a cross-country move from NYC to LA to marry another self-proclaimed computer junkie, I have taken more time to further my own education by going back to school for website development and programming. And still, every day, with a song in my head.

So that’s our story! From our mouths… uh… hands to your ears… well… eyes. Here we are; ready to put something fabulous together for you. We hope you’ll give us a try.

Gil Merkle and Lori Merkle Ford

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