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Web-development with Your Hopes and Dreams in mind!

Congratulations! Youíve taken the first step to creating a website that reflects you or your organizationís unique personality. Now itís time to make your hopes and dreams a reality. Take a moment to look over the questions and sample answers below. These are the types of questions we will ask you when you are ready to get started.

Q: Why do you need a website?
A: I have a small pottery studio and I want people to be able to see my creations.

Q: What information are you trying to get out there?
A: I would like to sell my work online and also share knowledge with others interested in pottery.

Q: What feelings do you want your website to convey?
A: Artistic, relaxing, informational.

Q: What will your website say about you?
A: I am a talented and personable artist with a great deal of knowledge about pottery I would like to share.

Q: What product are you selling?
A: My hand-made creations and my services to those interested in commissioning my talent.

Are you ready to get started? Contact Us and let us know Your Hopes and Dreams!

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